CIP team talks with the JISC funded BRII project team

During January 2009 the CIP project team met several times with Oxford’s Building the Research Information Infrastructure (BRII) project team to discuss links between the two projects. Both are using a semantic web solution to achieve information integration within their large institutions and both are seeking or have sought to identify and involve a wide range of stakeholder groups in their development.

The BRII team found CIP’s online pilot a very useful tool and say they now plan to use it in early discussions with Oxford stakeholder groups to help quickly illustrate what can be achieved with a powerful, semantically-driven, integration tool – and to stimulate further discussion.

Future collaboration between the two teams would be useful in order to continue to compare and contrast approaches, document commonality across solutions implemented and to share expertise.

About Nikki Rogers

Nikki Rogers is coordinator of the Web Futures group based at the ILRT, University of Bristol. For more information please see
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