CIP User Engagement

During September 2008 we are rounding up our consultation with stakeholder groups at the University of Bristol in order to evaluate the CIP pilot software and produce final reporting for our funders, the JISC.

A separation of concerns emerged early on between the requirements of research managers who need to be able to review research grants and perform strategic planning for funding and so on, finance managers who manipulate personnel information and salary data and regularly need to reconcile changes in grant status or staffing against central system records, and researchers who need to easily populate their personal pages with research information and discover related research information, across both their department and the wider university.

We are using the pilot software’s user interface in discussions with stakeholders. Some key new features created during this project – such as the ability to contribute private, public or group-specific annotations, using openID for authentication, and an on-click function to export whole “result sets” to spreadsheet software on the end-user’s PC – are proving popular with our potential users.

More information will be forthcoming in the Stakeholder and Final reports for this project, due in the next weeks.

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Nikki Rogers is coordinator of the Web Futures group based at the ILRT, University of Bristol. For more information please see
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